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The old days

A journey through time and the people who came along for the ride

People often refer to the past as "the good Ole' days".  


Back then, it always seemed like we were shooting by the seat of our pants. Sure, there were scripts and preproduction meetings and location scouts and extensive conversations about every detail. But something always seemed bent, broken, or twisted, and we made it through most days with battlefield decisions.


Looking back... I loved those days.


 I drove to work every day in disbelief that I was going to make little movies and actually get paid for it. 


I could not imagine putting a website together without highlighting some of that work. So, excuse the quality of the transfers to digital on this "dated" footage...

(things have come a long way since those days)

...and enjoy a little montage of days gone by at OasisFilms.


It's been a really fun journey with some really creative people.

AND.... there's more           (click here)

Stuffed away on a shelf in the Oasis archives sits a box labeled "production stills".


For years we would put a camera in some "green" production assistant's hands and tell them to shoot candid photos "of what goes on here today".


Those photos tell a story of a production company coming of age and in a way are a tribute to the people who helped us along the way. Unfortunately they only represent a fraction of what we have done over the years, but it's time to let some of them out of the box for public consumption.


Scroll down below and have some fun clicking on the pictures you find interesting. A rollover will get you a little insight into the photo

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