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Marketing 101

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One of the cool things about having a webpage at this stage of a career is that you can put anything you want on it. My clients know who I am and what I can do, so it's more like a vanity page than a marketing tool. It's like having your own TV channel that you can put whatever shows you want on it.


No matter how embarrassing.

But when I was just getting started, marketing was a big deal to us. Problem is, like most commercial production companies we were better at marketing other people's messages than we were at promoting ourselves. We were doing good work, but it was regional and not on the level that it took to attract the attention of the people we wanted to work for... the people like Coke, Ford, McDonalds, Nascar... the big guys.

Each and every commercial we did had some really good stuff in them, but regional commercials overall typically didn't have national level production levels (or budgets).

So we took the best parts of what we did in the commercials we did get to shoot and strung them all together in sort of a montage. Then we would write a funky little song to put behind it in hopes of getting some attention. Looking back, it was a lot of fun putting those reels together. I guess it was a decent approach because eventually we did end up shooting for some of those companies on our wish list.

Before there was Oasis Films, there was LV Productions. LV stood for Location Video. I was their lead director and Oasis grew out of LV eventually. Below is one such marketing reel we used way back in the day. So fun to look back on... as corny as it seems today.

Again, excuse the dated footage... High Definition was not even a phrase we had ever heard of back then. 

Enjoy 1985.

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