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When I look back at some of the things we did over the years, it's amazing I didn't end up a street sweeper. But in 1984 getting asked to shoot a music video (a brand new art form on a brand new network called MTV) was a BIG deal. The band, called the XTeens, already had a funky little punk tune. And they had $25000... which was a LOT of money back then. Especially for our little struggling production company. I wrote the silly visuals along with the band and I called my Uncle in Hollywood to design the sets. We spent every cent on the video and didn't make any money... but we figured this was just the first rung on the ladder to becoming a big time entertainment company. Chalk one up to young and naive.

I eventually went on to shoot more music videos for some pretty well known artists as time went on. But this craziness still has a place in my heart because it was the first.... and so cheesy!

It's fun to look back and laugh.

Enjoy the ride.


The Teens

Change Gotta Come

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